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What is Kerastase “night serum” for hair?

I bet you've all heard the term might serum being thrown around a lot for

skin care? We'll this takes it one step further, using advanced skincare technology and refining it for hair Kerastase carry's two different night serums, and it's actually pretty simple, one of for extreme moisture and shine which features in their Neutrative Collection (the smell is absolutely dreamy) the other has all the benifits of this range but added ceramides for blondes (the good proteins that repair your hair fiber) with just as dreamy a scent ❤️

Why a night serum I hear you ask?

Night serums work differently to your daily oils and serums, that are light weight and have a silky texture (rather than an oil) to penetrate deeper into your hair and act like a silk pillow case to keep your blowdry silky smooth and friction free, that means wall king up with smooth silky hair that's not knotty or tangled, and flyaway hairs become a thing of the past.

How to apply?

Pop a few pumps of the night serum into your hands and work it through your hair, it's not weight your hair will drink it up, if your wearing waves warp your hair in a bun or a braid and there you go. It's just that simple. ❤️ Drift off to sleep surrounded by a dreamy relaxing fragrance and by the time you wake it's done it's job ❤️

Have you tried a night serum yet?

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