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Ultimate Teeth Whitening Experience

This of for all you folk who want to lift extreme staining fast. It’s is a double session to lift 6-14 shades and give you that ultimate smile glow up.

105 MIN  |  $250.00

Full Service Teeth Whitening

3 rounds of Whitening Gel under our Blue light, to remove stains and build up on your teeth and give you that Hollywood smile.

105 MIN  |  $150.00

Teeth Whitening Experience - Top-Up Only

This service is for our pre-existing clients who have already had a full service Teeth Whitening Service. Perfect for events- weddings, birthdays, special occasions or part of your treatment plan. Great for clients already visitng for colour/ blowdry services. Let us brighten those beautiful smiles while you relax & unwind!

30 MIN  |  $100.00

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