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Why Metal Detox?

Up to 97% less breakage.

Up to 97% colour brightness preserved after 8 weeks. Up to 2x shinier.

Harmful metals can get into our water from pipeline erosion, resulting in our hair becoming exposed to these harmful metals. And unfortunately for our hair health – most pipes are made from copper materials.

What we’re trying to say is, it’s really up to us to protect our hair as best as possible to maintain the healthiest hair we can. The level of metal in hair can vary, and this will depend on the water quality where you reside, along with the hair porosity of each individual.

Of course, we all need to shower. After every single wash, metal particles can accumulate inside of the hair fibre. This then can result in excessive metal accumulation – this doesn’t pose any serious health risks, it’s just super bad for our hair.

During a professional colour job, whether you’re creating a balayage or other lightening service, when these metals come into contact with the oxidant you’re using – the increased chance of unexplained breakage can occur, along with unreliable colour results.

If you have had experiences like this, it could very well be because of the unavoidable metals in the water. But lucky for professionals, the new Metal Detox regime is now available to prevent this from happening during future colour treatments.

So, what’s the secret weapon in the Metal Detox formula? The answer is Glicoamine.

Glicoamine is the professional hero ingredient inside of the formula, which is a molecule small enough to get into and penetrate the inner hair fibres. This will then successfully act to neutralise and de-active harmful metals that have unavoidably seeped into the hair.

Once inside, Glicoamine will successfully neutralise metal wherever it is located: which is a real breakthrough for colour, balayage, and lightening services.

Ask us about Metal Detox in salon at your next appointment, Its a true hero for your hair :)

Conor O'Kane Hair Design

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